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      Part 1, What Makes You A Wonder? (Clay Scroggins)

      We all have dreams. We want life to go a certain way. But life doesn’t always turn out as we imagine. It can bring disappointment and adversity. Our response can either cause us to wander, or it can shape us into “a wonder.”

      Being “a wonder” is about God using our weakness to do something wondrous. When we admit our weakness, we can experience his strength and move towards his grace.

      • You are never alone; God is with you. John 14:20-21
      • God will provide for you. Matthew 6:25-34
      • Your human weakness sets the stage for God’s divine power. 2 Corinthians12:9 
      • God will use it. Romans 8:28
      • God will develop you in the waiting. 2 Peter 3:8-9
      • God will give you a peace that you cannot explain. Philippians 4:7

      Part 2, The Power of Kindness (Clay Scroggins)

      How we see people determines how we treat people. If our views align with God’s, we will know how to love others better, regardless of their behavior or circumstances. But seeing isn’t the only thing that makes a difference…

      It’s easy to throw stones at something we don’t understand, especially when it involves someone who is hard to love. However, when we understand the battles others face, we are better equipped to show them the same love and kindness our heavenly Father shows us. Don’t forget that everyone is fighting a hard battle.

      Part 3, The Power of Friendship (Clay Scroggins)

      “Everyone deserves a standing ovation at least once in their lives.” We all need relationships that put wind in our sails — ones that help us to feel seen, understood, accepted, and loved. However, being a “wind in your sails” kind of friend can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, or difficult. The energy required can feel overwhelming at times, but it’s well worth the effort.

      The greatest standing ovation we can give someone else is to help them feel seen, understood, accepted, and loved not only by us, but also by their Heavenly Father. This week, look for those opportunities to be the “wind in your sails” kind of friend, co-worker, spouse, or family member to those around you. Like Ms. Cindy says, “Anybody can be a friend.”