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Following Jesus is Life's Ultimate Adventure

by Andy Stanley

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      Following Jesus is life's ultimate adventure. It is important to understand what following Him requires and how it affects each of us differently. We all grow spiritually at a different pace and when we follow him, God is responsible for the outcome of our journey.

      In this 6-part series, Andy Stanley explains why it is important to understand what following Jesus requires and how it affects each of us differently. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - An Open Invitation (Andy Stanley)

      Jesus did not invite us into a game of rules, but he has invited us into a relationship with Him. Jesus' invitation to follow Him is: extended to sinners, an invitation to relationship, disturbing to those who have grown content with a religious routine, and is an invitation to the ultimate adventure. Following Jesus will cost you something, but not following Him will cost you a lot more. Matthew 9:9

      Part 2 - Baby Steps (Andy Stanley)

      God does not ask us to become mature Christians overnight. God asks us to take small steps toward Him and to trust Him. When we say yes to what He is asking, He takes responsibility for the outcome of the journey. Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-11

      Part 3 - Competing Agendas (Andy Stanley)

      There is a difference between using God to get what we want and following God. Are we following God because He is helpful, or are we following God because He is God? This message explains why trying to manipulate God's hand never works in our favor. Matthew 26:6-16, 27:3-5

      Part 4 - The Man Who Said No (Andy Stanley)

      One of the major obstacles to following Jesus is our desire to pursue and manage wealth. The more we have, the more difficult it is to follow Jesus. This message discusses four guardrails to use against prioritizing wealth ahead of our relationship with Jesus. Psalm 24:1-2, Mark 12:30-31

      Part 5 - Winners and Losers (Andy Stanley)

      Following Jesus will cost us something, but refusing to follow Jesus will cost us everything. God wants us to live with the end in mind, because what we do in this life affects what eternity will be like for us. Luke 23-24

      Part 6 - It's the Little Things That Count (Andy Stanley)

      Many times instead of eliminating the obstacles that keep us from following Jesus, we try to compensate for them and keep going. This message explains the importance of dealing with these obstacles and the rewards of following through with our decision. Hebrews 12:1