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by Andy Stanley

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      Part 1 - Who Let Them In? (Andy Stanley)

      John and Matthew both went out of their ways to give a disclaimer about the birth of Jesus. God didn't feel compelled to find righteous people to fill the lineage of Jesus. It wasn't about man's righteousness, but about His divinity. And our personal unrighteousness did not keep God from sending what we needed--a Savior.


      Part 2 - The Cowardly Lion (Andy Stanley)

      When God decided that Jesus genealogy would come from the line of Jacob, He didn't choose the oldest son, Reuben, or most famous son, Joseph; He chose Judah--the son with the biggest secret. He had been responsible for making sure Joseph was sold into slavery. It wasn't until 20 years later, when Judah faced Joseph during the famine, that he finally realized God would not relent. He had to confess his sin. By choosing Judah, God made the circle big enough to encompass all of us...liars, cheaters, deceivers, disloyal people. We are all candidates for God's grace and to be used by Him in ways that exceed our expectations.


      Part 3 - What's She Doing Here? (Andy Stanley)

      Rahab, the harlot, was the perfect person to put into the genealogy of Jesus. She was a woman with a past, who represents us well, since her actions deserved death and judgment. However, God bestowed His grace and mercy on her and us. God knew we needed a Savior, not a helper.


      Part 4 - Covenant Keeper (Andy Stanley)

      God made a covenant with David, promising him that a Savior would come from his lineage. Even though David's life was full of sin, 1,000 years later, God kept his promise--Jesus was born in the city of David. Regardless of our pasts, the promise and covenant God made to us still stands--Through His blood and death a new covenant was established, that we may receive eternal life through Him.