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Discovering and Living God's Vision for Your Life

by Andy Stanley

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      What is my purpose? Why am I here? Am I part of something bigger? These questions are common to the human experience—not just the Christian experience. And God gives us a method for answering these universal questions.

      In this 11-part series, Andy Stanley looks at the formula for discovering and living God's vision for your life. Based on the book of Nehemiah, we come to understand that while life is a journey, having a destination helps keep us on track and gives new joy to each season of life along the way. DOWNLOAD ONLY


      Part 1 - Taking It Personally (Andy Stanley)

      Life is a journey, and the joy and passion of the journey are determined by the strength of our vision. Our vision should be a part of God's vision--we should be just as concerned with what God is up to, as much as God is. Our job is to go and make disciples, which can only be done by Christ working through us. Nehemiah 1


      Part 2 - Prepared, Empowered, Improved (Andy Stanley)

      God is using your circumstances to prepare you to accomplish His vision for your life. What He originates, He orchestrates. Having a vision builds our faith, serving as a constant reminder of our dependency on God. Nehemiah 2


      Part 3 - The Appropriate Moment (Andy Stanley)

      When it's time to talk about the vision God has birthed in you, you should be able to answer these four questions clearly: what is the problem, what is the solution, what is the reason and what is the timing. Nehemiah 3


      Part 4 - Whatever It Takes (Andy Stanley)

      If your vision is part of God's plan, there will be more risks and more unanswered questions than answered. It will involve physical sacrifice, which is the path to spiritual renewal. When we sacrifice some of our treasures to further God's kingdom, it allows Him to stir our hearts. Nehemiah 4


      Part 5 - Protecting The Vision (Andy Stanley)

      When God has birthed a vision in you, sometimes it may take many different plans to get the vision launched. The best thing for us to do is to pray, remember, and revise our plan--knowing God planted this vision in us. Nehemiah 4


      Part 6 - The Enemy Within (Andy Stanley)

      When challenges are presented in order to follow through with a vision, there will often be conflict or disunity in the group. This can cause visions to die. But, when unity is restored, the vision thrives. Contains audio drama sketch in introduction. Nehemiah 5


      Part 7 - Developing Moral Authority (Andy Stanley)

      Moral authority is the credibility you have earned by living out the principles you talk about. It's not necessarily the position that you hold, but the authority and influence you possess. It also determines the degree to which others will be open to your influence. When a leader lacks moral authority, nobody is inspired to follow. Nehemiah 5


      Part 8 - Dealing With Distractions (Andy Stanley)

      Distractions are part of our everyday life, and can often take our eyes off the vision. Distractions can produce opportunities, accusations and fear. The important thing is for us to keep focused on our vision, and remember that we are doing a good work and can't come down! Contains drama sketch in the introduction. Nehemiah 6


      Part 9 - The Unexplainable Life (Andy Stanley)

      Just as the wall Nehemiah built around Jerusalem was meant to point back to God, we as Christians are to be little points of light in a dark world--our lives must point back to God. Peace and joy should fill our lives, so that people will ask why we are different.


      Part 10 - Back To Basics (Andy Stanley)

      The end of a God ordained vision IS God. When things in our lives happen that can't be explained, it is often divine intervention. This always results in authentic worship and unquestioned obedience to God. Nehemiah 7:73-8:18


      Part 11 - The Aftermath (Andy Stanley)

      Most people recognize the root of their problems and make some practical changes to safeguard against going back. But, no matter what God has done for you, in you, or around you, you have the potential to drift away...right back into the mess He saved you from. Protecting your spiritual integrity requires clear standards and bold leadership. Nehemiah 9:38; 10:28-39; 13:6-7