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What Do You Do When God Feels Distant?

by Andy Stanley

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      What do you do . . .

      When God feels distant?
      When God doesn’t cooperate?
      When God seems late?
      We all face times when it feels like God is far away. Our prayers are unanswered and our circumstances go from bad to worse. During these times, God doesn’t just seem distant; he seems distracted.
      People tell us to pray more. Preachers tell us to have more faith. But what does the Bible say? In this 3-part series, Andy Stanley explores the lives of three men from the New Testament, each loved by God, but whose circumstances seemed to tell a different story. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - When God Is Inattentive (Andy Stanley)

      Is God's silence a sign of his absence? Or does it mean something else? In this message, Andy Stanley recounts the story of a man Jesus said was the greatest who ever lived. And yet, even this man struggled with God's inattentiveness. The message Jesus sends him in the middle of his doubt contains a secret reassurance for us 2,000 years later. Matthew 11:2-6, 14:6-12; Philippians 2:8-11; 2 Corinthians 1:8-9

      Part 2 - When God Is Uncooperative (Andy Stanley)

      We've all seen athletes point to heaven after touchdowns or home runs. And we've heard actors thank God during their acceptance speeches. We know God can be glorified in our moments of success. But what about moments of weakness? How do we keep going when our circumstances are crippling and God seems to be saying, "No"? In this message, Andy tells us what God has promised to provide - even when it's not his cooperation. 2 Corinthians 12:6-10

      Part 3 - When God Is Late (Andy Stanley)

      Why didn't God do something? Sometimes, despite our most fervent prayers, God doesn't show up the way we want him to. The cancer isn't cured. The company fails. The foreclosure goes through. In this message, Andy tells us what to look for when it feels like God forgot to show up. John 11:11–14; 25-26; 35