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How to Find God During Difficult Times

by Andy Stanley & Guests

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      God is not always easy to find in the circumstances of life, but that doesn't mean that he is not there. So how do we find him during difficult times? Where is He when a loved one dies, when you lose your job, or when you discover you have a life-threatening illness?

      In this 4-part series, we hear from people who found God in the midst of their "Where's God?" moments. DOWNLOAD ONLY


      Part 1 - God Quest (Lanny Donoho and Andy Stanley)

      Even in the midst of our most difficult times, God is there walking beside us even though it may feel like He’s quiet and distant.
      Lanny Donoho shares his story of overcoming cancer, and finding God in the middle of the darkest time in his life. Exodus 1; Jeremiah 29:11-14


      Part 2 - It Depends On How You Look At It (Lane Jones)

      During our “Where’s God?” moments, what if God is the last person we want to talk to? We can either allow our circumstances to determine what we believe about God, or choose to view our circumstances through God’s lens. He wants to love and care for us; we have to be willing to humble ourselves and allow Him to finish our stories. John 6:66-68; I Peter 4:12-5:6-7


      Part 3 - Getting There From Where (Joel Thomas)

      In order to get from our “Where’s God?” moments to our “There’s God!” moments, we have to ask ourselves two questions: Can God really make something good out of something bad? Will we allow Him to make sense out of the tragedies in our lives? None of us want to be in a “Where’s God?” moment, but God allows them to happen in our lives so they can be used in the lives of people around us. Romans 8:28


      Part 4 - Brenda's Story (Brenda Tuminello)

      When we’re willing and able to bring to God the very circumstances He allows, we experience the peace and joy of God walking beside us during our “Where’s God?” moments. Brenda Tuminello shares the story of her daughter’s death, and it was only when she took her grief and anger to God was she able to have total peace.