Where's God? There's God. CD Series

How to Find God During Difficult Times

by Andy Stanley & Guests

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      NOTE: This CD Series is being sold without a case or artwork. CDs will come in paper sleeves.

      God is not always easy to find in the circumstances of life, but that doesn't mean that he is not there. So how do we find him during difficult times? Where is He when a loved one dies, when you lose your job, or when you discover you have a life-threatening illness?

      In this 4-part series, we hear from people who found God in the midst of their "Where's God?" moments.

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      1. God Quest (Andy Stanley with Lanny Donoho)
      2. It Depends On How You Look At It (Lane Jones)
      3. Getting There From Where (Joel Thomas)
      4. Brenda's Story (Andy Stanley with Brenda Tuminello)