Why Is God So Mad? Audio Download

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      Part 1 - A Method to the Madness (Clay Scroggins)
      If you've ever read the Bible, you know that God demonstrates his kindness and compassion in lots of different ways. But there are also parts of the Bible where God comes off outright angry, jealous, and wrathful. While it's easy for us to imagine God in all his love and mercy, it can be hard to make sense of a loving God who demonstrates his anger. That polarity may even cause some to walk away from God. But the reality is that there are times when God expresses his anger. And instead of simply walking away, let's ask the question, "Why is God so mad?" Hosea 2:23

      Part 2 - Mad About You (Clay Scroggins)
      The prevailing message in Christianity is that God loves us. Yet, there are vivid examples throughout the Bible of God expressing his anger and wrath. What does that tell us about God? Is it as easy as assuming that when we live obediently he's happy, and when we fail to make morally-sound decisions, he gets upset? Or does this tension in God's relationship with us tell us something deeper about his character? Moreover, when God does get mad, what does he do with his anger? Clay Scroggins shares how the story of Hosea shows us that God does something unbelievable and unthinkable with his anger. Hosea 3:1