Wrestling With Fear Audio Download

Nothing Causes Us to Lose Perspective Like Fear

by Andy Stanley

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      Part 1 - A Swing and a Miss (Andy Stanley)

      The fear of the Lord is what sets us free from the fear of our circumstances. This requires us to say Yes to God in spite of what He requires of us.

      Everyone does not have the same opportunity to hear the gospel message. The Bible addresses this issue in the book of Acts. Even though this is true, everyone is welcome; everyone gets in the same way; and everyone can meet the requirement to enter heaven. Romans 5:6-8

      Part 2 - The Control Myth (Andy Stanley)

      We all have a fear of losing control of things in our life. When life seems out of control it does not mean that God is not in control. It is not our responsibility to control our circumstances – it is God’s. Mark 4:35-41

      Part 3 - Larger Than Life (Andy Stanley)

      Nothing causes us to lose perspective like fear. Decisions we wish we could undo were many times made because of fear. This is God's opportunity to do something great in our lives. Our greatest fear is Gods greatest opportunity. 1 Samuel 17

      Part 4 - Moving Past the Past (Andy Stanley)

      We are taught to fear things all of our life. Our present day fears are fueled by our past experiences. God wants us to come out from behind our walls and follow Him. Our past will never make sense until we invite God into our present. Then we will be able to see His fingerprints throughout our lives. Exodus 2-4

      Part 5 - What Do I Have To Lose? (Andy Stanley)

      When we trust God, we trust Him to control what will happen. We must remember that God's hands are tied by our unwillingness to trust Him, not circumstances. Trusting God is not based on knowing what He WILL do, rather what He HAS done and is ABLE to do. Daniel 3

      Part 6 - The First Line of Defense (Andy Stanley)

      When we are filled with fear, the decisions we make are based on panic. We can avoid making poor decisions if we wait on the Lord instead of giving in to our fear. 2 Chronicles 20