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      Part 1 - What Was I Thinking? (Clay Scroggins)
      "What was I thinking?" We ask ourselves that question much more frequently than we'd like to admit. We rarely ask ourselves, "What was I doing?" because we know it's our thoughts - our mental activities - that shape what we do - our physical activities. Not vice versa. So then it probably makes sense to examine our thought processes. What exactly do we think about that makes us act the way we do? Philippians 4:8

      Part 2 - Above the Influence (Clay Scroggins)
      Your thoughts determine your actions. In other words, your perspective on life shapes the decisions that you make on a daily basis. But keeping things in perspective can be a challenge when you're faced with the realities of everyday life. For example, you may not buy into the lie that money can buy happiness, but your finances can become pretty consuming when you're facing unemployment. So in the midst of difficult circumstances, is there a way to keep your eyes fixed on what you genuinely value instead of being mired in the rigors of everyday life? Colossians 3:1-2