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At Some Point We All Look Back and Wonder, "What If?"

by Andy Stanley

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      At some point we all look back and wonder, What if?

      What if I hadn't spent my teenage years trying so hard to fit in?
      What if I hadn't gotten into so much debt?
      What if my marriage hadn't ended in divorce?
      What if I had spent less time at the office?

      While it's easy to recognize how past decisions landed us where we are today, it's not so easy to predict where our current decisions will land us in the future.

      In this 5-part series, Andy Stanley offers powerful and practical advice to students, single adults, married couples, and 40+ers—advice that will leave you saying, I'm glad I did. Rather than I wish I had. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - Label Maker (Andy Stanley)

      We all wear labels. Many of the labels we wear were placed on us by others—parents, siblings, friends, teachers, coaches, or coworkers. But what if we're carrying around the wrong labels?

      Who has the right to label you? Who are you going to allow to label you? Who knows best how to label you? Labels create expectations and expectations influence the direction of our lives. Romans 12:2

      Part 2 - Get Out, Stay Out & Clean Out (Andy Stanley)

      Today's decisions become tomorrow's realities. Wise and discerning people understand that. They choose to live as if life is connected, as if each decision matters. That's because they know that their present becomes their past that shapes their future. In each season of life we make decisions that shape what our lives look like in the next season. Matthew 7:24; 1 Corinthians 6:18-20; Matthew 15:19-20

      Part 3 - The Secret Sauce (Andy Stanley)

      No one likes to be wrong. No one likes to be told what to do. But insisting that you're always right isn't a recipe for a great marriage. Great marriages are built on humility . . . on the willingness of both spouses to submit to each other and to God.

      But how do you do that? It all begins with prayer. Ephesians 5:21-25; James 3:13-17

      Part 4 - Distribute/Share the Wealth (Andy Stanley)

      Our culture says life's value is found in what we achieve or what we accumulate. But those things eventually fade away. We each have a treasure chest full of life experiences that will die with us unless we become intentional about distributing our wealth. The value of your life is found when we share those experiences. Matthew 25:14-30; 2 Timothy 2:2

      Part 5 - Onebelievable (Andy Stanley)

      Churches rarely get in trouble because of theological issues. They get in trouble over competing agendas and power grabs. That's not what Jesus had in mind when he launched his church. In fact, when he prayed for his followers, he prayed that they would be one. But what does that look like? John 17:20-21; Ephesians 4:3-7, 11-13, 15-16