You'll Be Glad You Did CD Series

At Some Point We All Look Back and Wonder, "What If?"

by Andy Stanley

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      At some point we all look back and wonder, What if?

      What if I hadn't spent my teenage years trying so hard to fit in? What if I hadn't gotten into so much debt? What if my marriage hadn't ended in divorce? What if I had spent less time at the office?

      While it's easy to recognize how past decisions landed us where we are today, it's not so easy to predict where our current decisions will land us in the future.

      In this 4-part series, Andy Stanley offers powerful and practical advice to students, single adults, married couples, and 40+ers—advice that will leave you saying, I'm glad I did. Rather than I wish I had.

      4 Audio CDs > Playable in a CD Player or Computer

      1. Label Maker
      2. Get Out, Stay Out & Clean Out
      3. The Secret Sauce
      4. Share the Wealth