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Christmas 2017 Production Order

Christmas 2017 Production Order
● Service Opener and Music
Video: Let There Be Light Video
Song: Hallelujah
● Sermon Intro
Video: Who Needs Christmas
● Message
Message Series Kit: Who Needs Christmas? We Do.
● Candle Lighting
● Closing Music
Song: Everything Changed

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Our Christmas decor, music, and message are new each year, but one part of our service has remained the same. Each year, Andy invites anyone who’s marking a significant year in his or her spiritual life to light a candle. This includes anyone who crossed the line of faith, anyone who returned to church or to faith after being away for a while, and anyone who was baptized.

Take 60 seconds and listen in to Andy's Invitation.

This tradition has become one of the most poignant moments in our programming. Seeing the auditorium glowing with light is such a memorable way to celebrate the magnitude of what God has done in our community that year. While at the same time, watching each individual grab a candle makes the moment so intimate and personal.

Would creating a moment like this enhance your Christmas services this year?