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Deep and Wide TOUR



The five faith catalysts have shaped our programming as well as our model. These tools will help your church attenders grow in their faith and accelerate the path to creating a church unchurched people love to attend. Here’s a sample of the tools that help us and thousands of others create irresistible churches.

Our Most Popular Sermon Tools

The Tools You Need to offer Starting Point

Equip your leaders to lead well

get people connected more quickly and to keep them connected longer

Ideas to help people during pivotal circumstances

Leverage Our Staff

Lighten the load on your staff and volunteers with Christmas and Easter Message Series Kits and Videos

Christmas Message Kits

Easter Message Kits

Sunday is always coming...

and you are continually thinking about the people that fill up the rows. But what about your staff? Take advantage of our resources that will help you develop your staff.



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