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Make 2018 Amazing

What ONE thing do want your attendees to embrace in 2018?

As you look ahead to 2018, what one thing do you want for your ministry and the men and women sitting in your rows?

● Is it financial health and generous giving? (Balanced)
● Is it effective outreach to your unchurched neighbors? (Starting Point)
● Is it deep, growing faith for your members? (Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith)

Three message series have been instrumental in creating life change in our attendees and growth at our local churches. Here’s how you can use them too.

Cast the Vision

Preach these sermons using our videos, outlines, and transcripts. (see all series kits)

Make it Stick

Have your attendees track along midweek using the Bible study questions found in the companion workbooks. (see all workbooks)

Need help planning or want more info? Email Christy, our customer advocate, or give her a call at 1-866-866-5621.