Faith, Hope, and Luck CD Series

Discover What You Can Expect From God

by Andy Stanley

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      Our faith in God often hinges on his activity—or inactivity—in our daily experiences. When our prayers are answered, our faith soars. When God is silent, it becomes harder to trust him. When God shows up in an unmistakable way, our confidence in him reaches new heights. But when he doesn't come through, our confidence often wanes.

      But it doesn't have to be that way—it's not supposed to be that way.

      This 5-part series is guaranteed to transform your thinking about faith. You will discover the difference between faith and hope; will be presented with a definition for faith that will shed new light on both the Old and New Testaments; and will learn what you can expect of God every time you come to him with a request.

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      1. Better Odds
      2. Betting on Hope
      3. Beating the Odds
      4. No Dice
      5. All In

      Faith often comes and goes as our circumstances change. It only takes a bad turn of events to challenge our beliefs. In this message, Andy Stanley explains why we can continue to believe, even when everything around us argues to the contrary.
      How does faith really work? If your prayers aren’t answered, is it because you didn’t have enough faith? What does it mean to lose faith? Does your faith waver depending on your circumstances? Or is your faith supposed to be in something beyond your control, so that it isn’t swayed by the circumstances of your life? Your faith is resting against something. Is it something that changes day to day, or does it endure through time?

      God never intended for us to rest our faith on what?s going on around us. Eventually, the pleasures of life will sway us to change what we believe. The pressures and tragedies of life will cause us to doubt. But if our faith is placed in a relationship with Christ, it will endure. So what is your faith resting against? Is it circumstances? Or is it Jesus Christ?
      Hebrews 12:2-3

      So what is faith? Is it a force? Is it a power? Is it something we use to get God’s attention? According to Scripture, faith is none of those things. Faith is actually very simple. In this message, Andy Stanley presents us with a biblical and practical definition of faith. Unfortunately, messages about faith today are very me centered. Do I have enough faith? Am I praying or believing enough? In reality, the object of our faith is much more important than the amount of faith we have.

      We tend to resist the biblical definition of faith because it takes faith out of our hands and puts God back in control. Much too often, we don’t want God – we want a genie. But the goal of faith is not to get God to do what we want him to do; the goal of faith is to get us to live in accordance with the character and promises of God. Ultimately, faith comes down to trusting that God knows what he is doing. In what areas of your life is it difficult for you to trust that God is in complete control?
      Hebrews 11:1

      God doesn’t say yes to all our requests. But if we can’t expect him to give us what we ask for, what can we expect? In this message, Andy Stanley takes us to the book of Hebrews and tells us exactly what we can expect from God. Does God promise us good health? Fame and fortune? Some in this world would suggest that God does promise us these things. Others would suggest that God doesn’t promise us anything and, rather, stands distantly from the circumstances of our lives. Last week, we learned that faith is believing that God will do what he promised. If that’s true, if faith is attached to a promise, if walking by faith is living as if God will do what he promised, then we need to ask the question, “What has God really promised us?”

      God has not promised to deliver us from our circumstances; he has promised to deliver us through them. Jesus, himself, asked for the circumstances of his death to be changed, but ultimately yielded control to God’s plan. A day will come when God will directly intervene to rid the world of sin, sorrow, and death. But in the meantime, how should we balance our prayers of, “God, please do this,” and “God, I trust you”?
      Hebrews 4:16

      None of us likes to be told no. But a “no” from God is more than difficult; it is disappointing. In this message, Andy Stanley explains that when God says no, it is not a reflection of your faith; it is perhaps your greatest opportunity to become a reflection of his grace. We’ve heard amazing stories of answered prayer. A friend was healed. A marriage was restored. A check arrived in the mail. And in these circumstances, we are ecstatic about God’s goodness, mercy, and interest in our lives. Go God! But our prayers aren’t always answered to our liking. What about the times when they seem to go unheard? What do we do when God apparently says no? Does it take more faith to endure a no from God than to receive a yes?

      When God says no, it is not a reflection of your faith; but if you respond correctly, you will become a reflection of his grace, because it takes more faith to endure a no from God than to acquire a yes. In essence, you’re saying, “God, if you don’t remove this, then I’m trusting that your grace is going to empower me to keep on going.” How can you manifest God’s grace through your weakness?
      2 Corinthians 12:9

      What does mountain-moving faith look like in the twenty-first century? Men of great faith in the first century did some pretty remarkable things. How would your life be different if you had perfect faith? In this final message, Andy explains what GREAT FAITH looks like today. You can control your destiny. The secret to life is realizing your full potential. Popular self-help messages offer you the chance to take control of your life; kinda god-like. In comparison, Christ’s command to “take up your cross and follow me” doesn’t sound too appealing. It requires giving up some control. It requires a sense of surrender. But is that a bad thing? If faith is confidence that God is who he says he is, then doesn’t it make sense to relinquish control and invite him to come alive in your life?

      Faith is not about moving God to embrace our agendas. It is about being moved to embrace his agenda. As Jesus demonstrates for us, great faith is reflected in great surrender. Lots of people come to this place of surrender on their own or as a result of broken seasons in their lives. Either way, yielding control of our lives to God is an invitation for him to come alive in us in ways that genuinely helps us realize our full potentials. How can you best express your faith?
      1 John 5:14-15