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Renovate Group Study

From “Stuck” to Spiritual Growth

One of the first century church’s most effective forms of evangelism was radical care for their marginalized neighbors. They nursed the sick, made room for strangers, and gave generously to those in need. If we’re doing church well—if we’re following the example of those early Christians—our buildings will be safe places for our hurting neighbors.

Part of our responsibility is to meet the physical and sometimes financial needs of these folks. But lasting life-change happens when we can also meet their spiritual needs. In our churches, meeting the spiritual needs of our hurting neighbors is the job of our Re:new ministry.

To change our unhealthy behaviors, we have to change our false beliefs.

Re:new offers one-on-one mentoring for anyone feeling “stuck” in life—maybe that’s stuck in a pattern of unhealthy behavior, stuck in emotions he or she can’t process through alone, or stuck in a relationship that needs healing. For a season of life, a volunteer mentor comes alongside with support and guidance during a process of identifying false beliefs and replacing them with scriptural truth.

We’re only free when we depend on God.

As we saw (and for some of our team members, experienced personally) the impact of this ministry over the years, we wanted to share its content beyond the bounds of our local church locations. But a one-on-one mentoring model would require an enormous roster of highly trained volunteers—something most churches don’t have the margin for.

We were created to have God tell us we’re valuable.

So we adapted the content to work in a small group setting and the result is Renovate. In your church, Renovate may be a helpful start to your own mentoring ministry, a good fit for a spiritual growth or discipleship class, or a great upcoming study for your small groups. Over eight weeks, Renovate will help group members tackle the tricky topic of their identity in Christ just like a home renovation—one step at a time. It’s more intense than our typical small group studies, but the workbook’s exercises can be selectively used depending on how deep your group wants to go.

What should we study next?

As your small groups or Sunday school classes face the inevitable question of, “What should we study next?” we hope Renovate will be a helpful choice.

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Designed to explore the foundation and blueprints of God's original design for us.

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