Enemies of the Heart

Breaking Free from the Four Emotions That Control You

by Andy Stanley



  • Product Description

      Divorce. Job loss. Estrangement from family members. Broken friendships.

      The difficult circumstances you are dealing with today are likely being fed by one of four emotional forces that compels you to act in undesirable ways, sometimes even against your will.

      Andy Stanley explores each of these destructive forces—guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy—and how they infiltrate your life and damage your relationships. He says that left unchallenged they have the power to destroy your home, your career, and your friendships.

      In Enemies of the Heart, Andy offers practical, biblical direction to help you fight back, to take charge of those feelings that mysteriously control you, and to restore your broken relationships.

      • Includes a four-week discussion guide—a valuable resource for small groups!

      (Softcover Book; Updated content of previously released title It Came From Within)

      Also, download the leaders guide and read Andy Stanley's quick recap.

How's Your Heart

Here's an unexpected leadership question you should be asking.

This question doesn’t usually show up in leadership books. In fact, the last place you heard it may have been your doctor’s office. But your doctor isn’t the only one interested in the health of your heart…

A Starting Point for Seekers

There are spiritually curious people within driving distance of every local church—people with questions, or regrets, or a hunch that there must be something more to life. But the local church isn’t seen by these folks as a safe place to speak up.

If they are brave enough to walk through the doors of a church, how do they ask their hard questions? With whom can they be honest that they’re not sure about God, or Jesus, or the Bible? Do they interrupt the pastor’s sermon? Whisper their questions to the guy in the next seat over?